Install Video
Door Lock

This is related security issues, so pls use our provided RF Card only.

All previous date will be same even chagne new battery.

Our standard condition 10 times open / close per day,
it can be use more than 1 year.

When battery need to change, there is alert funtion as sound.

We recommed to use Alkarine battery.

Pls check recently changed password or card regist.

Pls press button inside OPEN / CLOSE button.

Check the sound when you touch RF card on the front pad.

When battery are discarged, place 9V external battery to mergency power port and press your password.

This function prohibits someone from opening the door using password or RF card or fingerprint from outside.

Press inside “OPEN / CLOSE” button keep pressing 3 seconds.

If you lost all keys, need to re-regist all (once new regist, previous will be delete automaticcally).
* RF-Card regisration methods

  1. Open battery cover and press “S” button.
  2. Continuous touch RF Card to touch pad whatever you have.
  3. Press “S” button to confrim.

Door must be opend while resistration or change password.

  1. Open battery cover and press “S” button.
  2. Continuous press numbers whatever you desired.
  3. Press “*” button to confrim.